The Sparkle of the South, Delivered

Girl Meets City

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Girl Meets Outdoors: The Ocmulgee River

Sometimes people come into our lives for

Girl Meets City: Birmingham

  I’m always on the run.  

The Many Stages of Unpacking

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my

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Good Music, Good Friends, Great Cause: Historic Macon

Support Historic Macon at and Moonhanger

Leadership Macon: 2014 Project

One of the more challenging and rewarding

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Food & Spirits

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A Perfect Unexpected Saturday (and cheap for the kids!)

I’m going to tell y’all about a perfect Saturday afternoon in Macon, Georgia that I guarantee most of you don’t

Spoiled by the Good Shepard – Tasty Taco Tuesday at El Camino

I’ve been to El Camino several times now, and I like everything they’ve got. They even got me to not

Forget Chicken & Waffles! Try BBQ and Waffles!

Ok maybe I’m jumping the gun when I say forget chicken and waffles outright, because that’s amazing no matter what.

Macon Pops

The South

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Southern Traditions: The Lost Art of Thank You Notes

I believe in thank you notes.   I’m not always the best about getting them out in a timely manner,

Southern Traditions: Pulling Over for a Funeral Procession

First of all, I realized while researching this that pulling over during a funeral procession is not exclusive to the

Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of My Life

Today is a big day.   I start my training to be the new Executive Director of The Cannonball House.

Say Hello to The Oh Hellos

Want to know something I love about my music industry friends here in our own Macon, Georgia?   They know

SlingShot 2016: A Field Guide

      This past weekend’s Slingshot Festival was something of a choose your own adventure scenario. While many a

Music Monday: Louise Warren & Lavender Sound

Louise Warren is, quite simply, a lovely person.   She’s also a lovely musician.   And she’s working on a